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Monday, May 17, 2010

WCF drinking game!!!

Fluctuating between feeling very pukey and strangely confident? Yes, it is Game 1 of the WCF tonight, where sus Soles attempt to do the impossible and ignore Phil Jackson and his mental jiujitsu, but it's hard because he's a giant and sits in a giant court side chair.
Do yourself a favor and turn on the game just to see Stevie's multi-color face/eye spotlighted in the ridiculous lighting of the Staples center. Then go back to the Royals, DWTS, or whatever fills your evening-making up songs about Nugget?, Organizing your 684 photos of vacation beer? :)
So, how's this gonna go? Well, I can make a case for a 7 game series, but my homer-iffic take is Suns in 5.5. I think they show tremendous depth of rib, look great on the move...oh wait, um. I think they are strong of mind and heart. Will play loose, but with an edge. Trust each other, the game plan and the coaching staff. (In Alvin We Trust) Okay, I guess I don't know how it'll go, but here's a couple things to count on (drinking game!!)
1. Kobe will make angry hamster overbite face at his own fist. (most likely to happen in 4th quarter)
2. Kobe will make "you guys are terrible face" at own teammates (most likely Sasha, who will deserve it)
3. Kobe will make "I'm just turning around like this" motion with elbows, aiming at Grant's head & throat (x 2,397 times per game)
4. Pau will make "Si, you know my hair is fantastic" hair toss. Steve will counter with "eh, but see the silkiness & manageability of my locks" disdainful toss back. Touché.
5. Pau will have Dirk-esque awkward flail towards basket for the and 1.
6. Amar'e will get pissed. Steve will get pissed. Channing will get pissed. Grant? he'll be so above that. Lou? just go ahead and try it. Abraham Lopez? Don't try it, I think he's wound pretty tight right now.
7. Ron Ron will walk that fine line between Lord of the Flies and Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy. (its only a fine line for him)

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