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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Yesterday was a really good sports day...

...for me at least. It would have been great except that the Royals lost in extra innings, stinkin' Orioles.
It all started in Italy, thanks to Tyler Farrar taking his second stage in the Giro. Garmin so dominated that his leadout Julian "Kiwi Guy" Dean ended up getting 3rd. And looks who's pretty in pink. And look who's just pretty.
Today, on the other hand, was fruit basket upset. Long story short: a huge break got a bunch of time and was never caught. The contenders that had lost a bunch of time earlier (Wiggins and Sastre) are now back in it with Vino, Cadel and Ivan. Seriously? These guys are professionals?
Second, the Tour of California had a pivotal stage that was won by Dave Zabriskie in a break ahead of Levi Leipheimer (3 time winner on TOC) and Mick Rogers (a cutie pie). Oh the joy on Dave's face. And oh, the joy on my face to see Chechu again. Steven Cozza is musta-tastic again!!
Today's stage was won by Chicchi over Cav, that's unusual.
I would have posted all this last night, except I was watching the Huskers take the bats to Creighton (sorry Jock, they're even too obscure for you).


  1. Why didn't you post the picture with you and Mick? Or you and Steven? And you call yourself a stalker....

  2. You can find those pictures in last Sept's posts. Velonews is doing a fine job of stalking for me in Cali.