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Monday, May 3, 2010

In Nash we trust

Ugh. Tonight your Suns open round two against the Spurs (cue ominous music, sick feeling in pit of stomach, irrational hatred of Eva Longoria-a bedazzled Spurs shirt? really? How very Texas of you, yes, that's an insult). The Spurs have knocked the Suns out of of the playoffs 16 times in the last 10 years, and in the most bizarre/heart breaking ways possible - Nash's bleeding nose, Horry's hip check, Timmah's 3 pointer. Let me put this in way, its like getting beat by Barry Switzer coaching the Yankee's from USSR (circa 1980).
Piling on the broken heart is that the style of basketball the Spurs play hurts my eyes, and makes me bored/angry/bored/frustrated, it just makes Len angry, very tonight I'll watch from the treadmill and let him kill zombies on the wii.
So where does the smart money go? I don't know. I think the Sun's have a pretty good chance, but a lot of that hinges on holding home court. Or maybe Manu & Pepe Le Pu will forget to pack their papers and Sheriff Idiot will throw them out...Oh Arizona *head desk* only you could make the Nebraska legislature look less crazy.

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