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Friday, May 7, 2010

Yes, that just happened

Okay, I'm in disbelief that your Suns are up 2-0 on the Spurs, but I'm Duncan Faced about how they managed to win game 2. The Spurs shoot like the Suns and your Suns rebounded and hustled like the Spurs, so I guess that makes up down, Gracie the good dog and Friday's drink of choice plain tonic with lime. What the?
Planet Orange as a whole, and me as an individual, have some serious scars from past Spurs-inflicted heartbreak and this beating them is confusing, like Bill Simmons' writes about the Sun's crowd:"When the wrong call or break goes against them, 40 years of torture quickly bubble to the surface and every defense mechanism kicks in. It's tangible. You can feel it. They totally believe in this team ... only they totally don't. If that makes sense."
Tonight your Suns try to steal a game in San Antonio. The half glass full of gin & tonic says "awesome, win one in San An and it's all over but the crying", the half empty g&t glass says "the Spurs are setting you up for epic heartbreak and devastation, and you won't be surprised at all when this happens." This article explains it better.
PS. Oh Noes! the same Witch Doctor that shrunk Channing's head has gotten to George Hill! Now you'll never find a headband that fits.

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