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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Roland Garros, anyone?

...or as they refer to in when speaking of American men's results... Roland Gross. Can any of the current American men make it out of the second round? Andy is the best chance and he is hopeless on clay. Sam Querry was seeded, but got knocked out by Tommy Robredo. (ed. note - don't know what I was thinking, Robby Ginepri beat him. Must have gotten distracted by Tommy...)

For the French, however, nothing is more interesting than Venus' outfits. Frankly, just because you can wear lingerie to work, doesn't mean you should. No less than 7 questions in her press conference were in reference to fashion. After the Australian Open outfit, this should have not raised eyebrows.

For those of you expecting a detailed and comprehensive breakdown of the tennis being played in Paris, sorry.

In a nutshell, Rafa and Darth Federer will battle in the men's final, with maybe one Williams girl in the women's final. But on clay, I would expect Justine to make it and play one of the "ugly Russian girls". (direct quote from the Dirtman!)

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