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Sunday, January 31, 2010

Ten Games?

OK, since I went snowboarding this weekend, I have to write something about the Winter X Games. Mostly annoying and about as subjective as a Russian figure skating judge, it nonetheless provides some interesting moments.
Like Shaun White almost decapitating himself on the half-pipe. Yikes. His helmet went flying off like a champagne cork (maybe they don't really help) and his head snapped back like Flex driving by a golf course. That is why I don't try double cab, backward McTwists very often. But he still went on to win.... hmmm.
Also a skier and a snowboarder went to the hospital. And I saw a snowmobile flip during a jump and land on top of a guy. He must have been OK, since he finished the race, and qualified for the finals.
Totally different note - Rogerer is one of the most graceful athletes I've ever seen. He makes winning Major Finals look as effortless as as Kicker leaping a bon-fire.
Also, the NFL pro bowl is on and no one cares.


  1. Dude, that was nasty. And has Shaun gotten a haircut since the last olympics? He sure looks shaggy.
    Daron Ralves was the skier that got hurt, dislocated hip, they think he'll be back for Vancouver.
    It's good to hear from you agian, Jock!!

  2. Totally....dude. I'm kind of surprised his head didn't actually pop off. Yikes.

    Good to see you back on here Jock. I'm assuming that no head injuries this weekend on the slopes.

    I'm kind of tired of Rogerer, but still, better than Andy Murray.