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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Just a few things...

Everybody can chime in on this one.

After a brutal beating in the NFC Championship game, Brett Favre has said that it is "highly unlikely" that he will return to play next year. I mean, come on, he had the best season he's had in a few years, throwing fewer interceptions than he has in years. I put the odds of his return at 85%.

Aussie Open sadness. A Rod is out in the quarters. And he almost beat the giant Cilic with only 1 1/2 hands. I think he is playing better and hopefully this shoulder thing won't keep him out for long!

The Husker women's BB team is 17-0, and now ranked #4 and #6 in the country. Only UConn is also undefeated... and they've been known to play a little b-ball there!! Kelsey Griffen, the Amazing Alaskan, is having an All-American season. And Yvonne Turner can drain 3's all day. I just wanted to share this today since they play at Texas Tech tomorrow night. And they have NEVER won in Lubbock!


  1. -In the offseason Brett will be "rebuilt" and sign with a completely different team, bring them to the brink of a Super Bowl, then throw an INT. Yep, that sounds about right.
    -A Rod totally lost the bet that he could win a match in a Slam with 1/2 hand tied behind his back...Oh Andy.
    -Yes, Nebraska can play basketball, at least the girls can, we'll just let the boys forcus on football.

  2. Is everyone outside of Minnesota over Brett? I vote yes.
    Ah, basketball...see now I feel I can explain this NBA thing to you.