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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Oh Yeah...

obscure sport fans wake up from you're winter nap and get ready for some good times. In just a few short days (actually 6 normal-lengthed days) we get our favorite Slam under way. Ok, the Australian Open is probably just MY favorite, I mean seriously Australia is just a drunk it's summer down there now!!!!
But the Australian Open is just something to kill the time until we get to the main course of THE WINTER's only a month away!!


  1. Me too Star. Me too.
    I just read a article on Roddick - he's feeling good about the season.

  2. Watched Roddick-Stepanek final at the Brisbane tourney. Thought Andy's head was going to explode when he about blew at 4-0 lead then went to tie break, then lost at 6-1 lead in the tie break. Yikes. Hope hes ready.