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Friday, January 8, 2010

Get this....

Warning: this post is after a "Three Sheets" mini-marathon & a couple of cranberry and vodkas.
Lindsey Vonn (my favorite female alpine skier (Bode Miller's my favorite male, yummy)) won the latest downhill race in Haus Im Ennstla, Austria. One of her motivating factors is that the Austrian press says that the reason Vonn better at the speed events of alpine skiing is that she's overweight. Seriously, Vonn is the 2-time defending World Cup Overall Champion because she's would think I would be OK at skiing if that was the case. Those Austrians are just pissed that the Von Trapps left all those years ago.
Speaking of the Olympics...they're closer then they appear.


  1. Who doesn't love the Olympics?!?!? Crazy people, that's who...

  2. Yea!!! Olympics!!! Did anyone else get all teary during the commercial about Dan Jensen? Or were you already passed out by then?

  3. I missed the commercial, but just You Tubed it...teared up. I heart Dan Jansen.