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Thursday, January 21, 2010

Travershamockery avoided

Well kids, it looks like David Stern cooked the books in the NBA all star voting - explainer for you non-nbaers-The fans get to vote for the starting lineups in the All-star game, unfortunately (or fortunately for Allen Iverson) most fans are idiots. Last week Steve Nash was in 3rd place behind Kobe (evil, yet best 2 guard) and Tracy McGrady(teammate-for-now-of-Yao, played 34 minutes this year). Yes, CanJez was behind a guy who's dismissed from his team (despite being it's premiere player) because...wait for it....the coach admits they are better without him. But today it was announced that Steve was starting with Kobe - I'm positive it's because Stern didn't want Yao's fanboys from China messing with him.
Gracie McGrady says "right on Stern, right on...but I'd still bite you if I ever saw you"
Unrelated Olympic "sport" video. Johnny Wier+Lady GaGa=something thought up in a sequin/vodka infused heaven.


  1. OMG!!! I read this post before I went to work and had to wait all day to watch the video!! And it was certainly was worth the wait... and the Japanese subtitles made it even better!!!

  2. WTF!! After watching Johnny I've forgotten what the post was even about....and commenting where do I start?
    The faux/eurohawk was what I first noticed. Then he started skating. I all I could think of what what Kicker calls ice skaters & are those little girls screaming because they are fans or from being scared?
    The real question is how did you stumble upon it Lilly?

  3. OK - its fantastic right? I found the link in an article reviewing Johnny's new reality show (which also sounds made in vodka/sequin heaven)