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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Oy, Oy, Oy.....

I know everyone has been missing cycling, so here's comments from the opening stage race of the season, the Tour Down Under. How awesome of a sports vacation would that be, sisters? The Aussie Open & the Tour Down word - drunk!
Anyhoo, back to the race. Astana made a rookie move, they didn't bring radios to the race. So when the team leader (and defending champion) was on the wrong side of a break and didn't know it, the rest of the team was in the front and didn't know the leader didn't make the break. What? Did Johan and Lance take the "How Not to Lose a Bike Race" manual with them when they left? This is not a good sign for Alberto and the Tour de France.
Big George was looking good as Cap't America...he needs a cape.
The RadioShack kits, you can pick them out of a peloton, oh wait if Lance is racing, the camera's always on him....that's how you can pick out the Shackies.
In Europe there are guys in speedos on the side of the race, in the US it's guys with the flag as a Australia, this. I like it, just don't piss it off.
And Andre Greipel (Columbus) won the first 2 stages and is the race leader. If you were curious.


  1. Well done on the first cycling post of the new year! Let's head down under next year to check out the two. It is summer down there. Way better than up here!

  2. Those radio shackers look like they're wearing Cadel Evan's recycled kits from 2 years ago (Cofidis?). Speaking of Cadel is he in?

  3. Cadel in there, and all decked out in rainbow stripes.