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Thursday, December 31, 2009've got some Wildcat on the bottom on your shoe

Way to go NU, thanks for completely dismantling the Arizona football team and in the process saving me a year of ridiculous comments from U of A alumni. ASU is still hyped up over their win over Nebraska in 1996......really they replay it on TV. Yeah, 14 years later.
Phoenix Suns center and Arizona alumni, Channing Frye said about the Mildcats dismal showing at the Holiday bowl: "We're building on hoops. I'm always with the hoops but now we got to go to something that I'm gonna get a guaranteed win in and that's softball. Killing in softball."
Wish I could comment on the NU game, but since the Pelini brothers were efficiently pushing the Stoops brothers into lockers and taking their lunch money I felt free to watch the Suns beat the Celtics JV team. No KG, Milkshake or Big Baby? yes, still a very satisfying beat-down. Complete with mandatory Rasheed technical.
And since your year wouldn't be complete without some Steve Nash - here's his all star video promotion. enjoy. (funny footnote- Steve asked the video tech to set him up with 5 clips, they sent him back 10 mins.)
Have a great New Years (esp. you poor Star!)


  1. Thanks Lil, I was needing a Steve Nash fix.
    This offseason just got a whole lot easier for us Husker fans....can't wait until Sept 4th, bring on Western Kentucky! Oh wait, we have a baseball season to get through, GO BIG RED!

  2. I sure was a satisfying win... not quite the good ol' days, but enough to give us alot of hope to get us through this miserable winter. Only 7 weeks til first pitch, Star!!!