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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Fantasy Football - I love it... this year...

I figured I had better write this post now. I am sitting on top of the league right now, but like the king of the mountain contest atop the big snow pile by the old milkhouse, I will soon be doing a face-first snow angel.
Last year I started with a respectable 4-1 record, only to finish with at 6-8 and out of the playoffs. Which is pretty pathetic, considering that 6 of the eight teams made it.
Star is attempting to buy a championship, but is unable to even get a win. A bitter pill to swallow coming off her Glass Chalice season last year. The prior year's winner, Bones, is trying the same strategy, with more success. And don't even talk to Jock, who's JV team is suffering some first year growing pains.
But mainly, this post was an excuse to show some fine pics of my main man, Adrian Peterson. Mmmm, yummy. My starting quarterback, Peyton, is funny, but not as likely to show up shirtless. And, as hard as I tried, couldn't find many Kris Brown pics...

Well, until I fall from grace, I'm having fun this season!


  1. It sucks going first to worst.

  2. The Loco Ojo Perros would sure make you look better right about now..feeling bad about kicking them out?