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Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Quick, before they lose.

Feeling pretty good that I managed to escape the midwest with nary a sniffle, that I get to watch Dwight Howard and Two-time (MVP that is) tonight in HD and that the Dunkin Donuts by my house is finally open - yes!
Okay, so the Suns are undefeated (4-0). And if you read my NBA prediction post last week you would see that I totally nailed it. or not. But I'm gonna be right about Cleveland. fo sure.
But back to Captain Fantastic - he's just sick. Not literally, but he's playing like the best point guard in the NBA, channeling the old white guy at the YMCA and whatnot, they say don't swim with sharks but he's faster than sharks so its not a big deal.
But I have to post this quick since they are most likely going to be 4-1 after tonight.
Unrelated, Andre Agassi's meth use makes me understand his poor clothing & hair choices a little better.

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