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Friday, August 14, 2009

Cycling Update......

Since the Tour de France, the cycling world has been full of rumours of who's going to what team and who's starting the Vuelta e Spana (Tour of Spain) and Tour of Missouri (personally very interested).
But nothing can be officially announced regarding riders changing teams until Sept 1. But here are some changes that are going on. Chris Horner doesn't even know where he'll end up, but with whomever he's signs, Horner thinks they will be getting their money's worth. Kind of like the company I work for....ok, not really.
The Vuelta is starting Aug 29 and here's a rough start list. Tyler Farrar will get a chance to go mano a mano with Tom Boonen for the sprints, which should be interesting. They have Christian Vande Velde starting, but I've also heard he's defending the Tour of Missouri, maybe he's been cloned? Chechu will be starting for sure, this is the one Grand Tour he asks to go to, so he won't be in Missouri :(
And speaking of the Tour of Missouri, starting Sept 7, everyones favorite German rider that has a face of steel: !JENS! could be there! Oh sweet day!!! -Star

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  1. All you ever wanted to know about cycling between big races.....
    I liked the comments about LA's and Big Georges affinity for black socks. Hadn't really noticed that before.