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Monday, August 3, 2009

Its been 13 days since a steve nash posting

You are due.
Quote from Steve who is receiving a honorary degree from University of Victoria (where he grew up practicing in their gym) "It's about time, All the books and essays I've contributed to modern science and whatnot, it's the least they can do"* **
*extra point for the use of "whatnot" Stevie - sometimes you are so canadian.
** the canadian papers took out the "whatnot" - the AZ paper kept it in.
File under adorably self-deprecating.


  1. 13 DAYS!!! How did you hold off for so long? ANd I like to bring out 'whatnot' when ever I can. But I use it more verbally, but not in my writing as much. I should change that.
    I've had a lot of school offer me honorary degrees, I just turn them all down too.

  2. Excellent hockey shot, and I thought he was just a soccer player.