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Sunday, August 9, 2009

Sorry for the delay

It has be a down period in the obscure sports world. Enjoying watching Andy in the Legg Mason where he is the short (6'2") guy in the tall man bracket. (Querry 6'6", Karlovic 6'10" and Isner 6'9") And he gets Del Potro (6'6") in the final. He is doing better than he thought he would after taking a month off. All I know is... can't wait for the US Open!!
The Royals are worse that they were last year, and this is after a start where they looked great... what went wrong? I mean, besides everybody getting hurt. All teams have injuries, it is just that the Royals are young and fragile and can't handle the pressure. But Zack got his first win since before the All-Star break. Good for him!
Football starts in less than a month!!! Yea!!!

Maybe it is cool in Argentina, but turquoise shorts and a muscle shirt????

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  1. What no picture of Andy!?!? What's going on?