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Thursday, August 27, 2009

Back to the pain..

that is summer in Phoenix. Nebraska was nice- until the last two days. Boo - your cupcakes were amazing and Star your house was very clean.
So, while we were busy, Steve Nash was on Who Wants to be a Millionaire to play for his charity. They must have thought he was a dumb jock not from canada, cause they gave him a pretty easy question. Mo Rocca also tried to act like the question was hard. Steve was his usual charming self, with shiny, shiny hair. The highlight is Regis putting the jersey on like a smock.
Star - help me out. Is it true Tyler Farrar won a Classic? that puts him elite american cycling company. Also, David Millar has a new blog post about the start of the Vuelta. David, you are the pastiest, funniest cyclist.
One more thing, the royal-esque d-backs (coming off a 7 game losing streak) have the most adorable little Aussie playing for them. He's spent a long time in the minors, but has done well since being called up. Don't worry about knowing his name cause he's gonna be back in Reno soon.

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  1. Thanks for breaking the silence Lilly. I'm working on a pre-Vuelta de Espania post.
    Does Regis realize that the names on jersey's are on the back?
    Tyler did win a classic and several stages in a stage race (more on that on my upcoming post). Miller is funny, very white, & has bad teeth.
    Than little Aussie is cute. He's worth watch baseball for.