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Sunday, April 18, 2010

It's playoff time baby!

First off I'd like to Thank the Orlando Magic for beating the Cleveland Lebron's in last year's Eastern Conference finals, the resulting panic, cold sweat & inferiority complex made them take Shaq off our hands. Then somehow your Suns nabbed the 3rd seed in the western conference, now I know how quickly time has flown since Halloween, but here we are. A quick season recap (in case you weren't paying attention)
Your Suns start out blazing hot, 14-3, what the? Come plummeting down to earth, break through the crust, finishing the middle part of the season with a 12-18 record. Then they wake up, Coach Gentry starting playing the lesser twin/angry Abraham Lincoln at center and they finish a stellar 28-7. They play together, kick ass on offense and sometimes play defense. Kind of incomprehensible, it's a bit like watching Bradly Wiggins...he's climbing? climbing!...surely he'll....what the? Even though you just saw it with your own eyes, you may not believe it.
Channing Frye, that guy that was gonna fill in the Shaq? Who never got off the bench in Portland? Well, turns out he's pretty good at shooting threes, ending up with 172 for the season. The Channing ride is exciting, with lots of highs, followed by dizzing falls caused by poor rebounding & mediocre defense.
Amare - ok, I've watched this guy for 6 seasons. And finally, finally! He's playing up to his natural ability, since the All-Star break he's powned the entire NBA. Even created a brand new word "Tolivered" - like "you just got Tolivered" which means humiliated to such a high degree that you may wish to be invisible. Yes, that Toliver who played at Creighton...he's famous!
The rest. So one of the main problems with Coach Pornstache was his failure to play more than 7 players, which resulted in a tired Steve Nash and a sad me. Coach Gentry now has a bench! very exciting! and they are not terrible, sometimes they are awesome!
Grant Hill, don't mess with him. He really needs a playoff series win to avoid comparisons to McGrady.
Steve Nash despite being written off, again, managed to play at an all star level. Shot 50% (from the field) 40% (from 3) 90% (from the line) for the fourth time in his one has done that, no one, not even armpit. And he gives a lot of high fives too.
Anyway, am gonna try to not deluge you with NBA stuff, but it will be unavoidable, unless you avoid it.


  1. A cycling analogy to explain the play of a NBA'er? I guess this is an obscure sports blog, make sense to me.
    Poor Anthony Toliver, how "Tolivering".

  2. Barbosa blaming his injury on the high fives. Nice.

    And Amare totally grossed out by getting all the pats on the butt. And you are just jealous, Lil.....