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Wednesday, April 21, 2010


Okay, couldn't write about playoff game 1 for the Suns, was too busy breathing into that paper bag. Luckily, your Suns won game 2...disaster avoided, world is righted- or at least slightly better.
Game 2: Grant Hill was BOOM! DEFENSE on Andre Miller, which caused him to pull a Sastre (major tour edition). In the battle of made-up names at power forward Amar'e was one apostrophe better then LaMarcus. And CanJez was CanJez with a trick shot on top and 16 to 1 assist to turnover ratio...delicious.
As far as the rest of playoffs:
Forget about the east till round two.
Kobe's V Ok City: crazy Artest is in Kevin Durant's head, sorry Kevin that's gotta be uncomfortable. Kobe is gonna get tired of dragging the dead weight that is his team to the second round, I mean Pau helps but have you seen his thighs? He's no Curt.
Denver V. Utah: well, Utah isn't gonna quit and you can't make Jerry Sloan be amused. Denver is the Tommy V of the Western conference, yellow jersey to can all happen.
Spurs V Mavs: Fingers crossed that the entire state of Texas secedes. Fingers crossed! Really, I'd wish that even if they weren't playing.


  1. That first game was a bit stunning.
    What a crazy shot by Nash, did he come from the circus.
    Sastre to Curt Tomasevicz to Tommy V, wow.
    And absolutely on Texas seceding, I'll help them pack.

  2. I was wondering how you were dealing after that first round game.... You knew they would come back. Didn't you?!?!?

    That was a heck of a run on those references. Impressive.

    You got to watch the East, but only for Dwight. Yum.

    One last thing....