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Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Belated Thanksgiving

Dear Steve Kerr,
Thanks for trading Shaq away. You made Steve Nash happy and when Steve's happy the whole world smiles.

Also, before the Sun's get bludgeoned by their brutal december schedule, they own the best record in the NBA, quick enjoy it. But tonight they play the New York Knickerbockers, who are just killing time until summer and Lebron sends back the note with the box next to NO checked. But head coach, Mike D'Antoni (former coach of the SSOL Suns) had managed lead them to a 3-14 record, which isn't terrible considering how badly the entire roster plays basketball. It does answer a which comes first chicken/egg question - Did Nash make D'Antoni's system or did D'Antoni's system make Nash? Answer: 14-3 v 3-14.

Remember Channing Frye? The Sun's new center? We liked him because he blogs about sushi, now we love him because he's 6'11", shoots 47% from 3, and most importantly likes 30 rock & Three Sheets. Winner!


  1. Eh Steve, he's such a crazy Canadian.

  2. How old is Nash in that pic?? He looks eleventeen.

    and what does SSOL stand for?