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Sunday, November 8, 2009

Hey Everybody!!

So, been a while, but I've been inspired. Who watched the Breeders Cup yesterday? Because it was fantastic.
Zenyatta is a ginormous 5 year old mare. Bigger than all the boy horses. And the Breeders Cup has never been won by a filly. In fact, only 6 or 7 have ever run it. But she's undefeated, so how about they give her a run? She actually was the favorite, somewhat surprising.
To start with, some other horse goes crazy and has to be scratched at the gate. So all the other horses are just loaded up waiting, probably not good for these somewhat high-strung animals. So she breaks bad out of the gate, and is dead last through most of the race.
But going around the last curve, she kicks it in. Silly. Fast.
And that's the story.
Also, I think V and I are going to lose again in Fantasy Football. Big Surprise.


  1. Welcome back. I know you've always been a horse lover...

    did you fall asleep during the game again last night?

  2. Hi Jock, long time, no read.
    I've never even heard of Zenyatta, and she's been around for 5 years!

  3. Missed the race but watched the replay online. She brought it. It's been quite the year for the ladies- with Rachael Alexander also in the running for horse of the year. I think that made Zenyatta 14-0. What's up boyzzz!?!