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Friday, January 13, 2012

Real Sports

Who's ready for some? This gal!! This weekend is the kick off of the Aussie Open (tennis) and the Tour Down Under (cycling). This is the time to be visit!!
So to kick it off here some what for from our favorite British cyclist that's impersonating a Beatle. Bradley Wiggins thinks little Mark Cavendish as a younger brother, and we all know how we feel about our younger siblings **pumping fist**.
So what's happened in cycling? Not much, the US has lost 2 teams. HTC-Highroad lost funding despite ending up with the world road and time trial champions. Radioshack hooked up with Leopold and moved to Luxenbourg and divorced Lance Armstrong, I'm sure he hopes they are happy. The end ruling on Alberto Cantador's positive drug test from over a year and half ago is still up in the air. Garmin is still rocking the argyle.
And tennis? I think pictures say it all. Roddick gets an atta boy for taking it to the fauxhawk.

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