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Sunday, July 11, 2010

What's the price of your soul?

I haven't found the right price for mine, yet. But the price of Lance Armstong's is 7 Tours de France, fame and fortune. Last year the Devil just chuckled at Lance and gave him a taste, and today the Devil just got sick of him asking.
Andy Schleck got to show off his guns in victory salute today.
So what's up with Alberto? I don't know for sure, but I always have an opinion. I don't think he quite had the legs, they said it was slightly flat right at the finish and that's not AC's strong suit. As well as AC covered a lot of moves in the last few k's that Andy Schleck did not have to. I do know that AC does not want the yellow jersey yet, even though his team looked very impressive in the mountains today. Andy does have a strong team that could defend a yellow jersey, but Cadel doesn't have the team to defend it, especially for 2 weeks.
Why Dave Z has been minutes behind the peloton on every stage.
Folks on the side of final mountain: a knight, a fan waving a German flag while wearing American flag hot pants (had to check replay on my DVR for that one), a dinosaur, lots of other drunk Europeans.


  1. Star, I'm glad your open to offers on your soul - can I tempt you with some rice krispee bars. I have my soul still, but backup is always good.
    Well, well it does appear that Lance is shit outta luck. Really he's had fantastic luck (except for that whole cancer, one nut, brain surgery stuff) the tour will be another way to gage his character.
    P & P have been talking up AC being vulnerable - but I'm not buying. There is not enough time on the hills for Schleck to rack up for the TT. Not gonna happen.
    also - Poor Dave Z.

  2. I can't tell who is angrier. Star toward Lance or Cavaliers owner Dan Gilbert toward LaBron. Star, I think you are in need of a Thirsty Thursday.--Dirtman

  3. I do like peanut butter rice krispee bars ....hmmm?
    AC is five for five on Grand Tours entered and won...Schleck would have to put a lot of time in AC and Evans to keep them at bay during a time trial.
    I need a Thirsty Thur every other day.