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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Top 'O the Morning!

Boy oh boy, who's excited about the western playoff race? ME! thats who! So our Suns are sitting at the 7th seed right now, but are only one game behind 5th. But enough about that.
More importantly, Boo and Dirtman went to the Suns/Lakers game with us last friday (thanks guys!) Sadly Los Suns sucked it up. But Boo was very impressed with our ponyboy Lou. Lou tries hard to overcome his lack of actual basketball skills, and succeeds for the most part. Plus he used to ride his bike to work. He blocked shots and got a sick allyoop over Gasol which should count for 4 points and a nice glass of burgundy.
Sometimes people get lucky. Me, I'm pretty lucky. I get to watch Steve Nash play basketball & channel his inner professional athlete/jackass. Enjoy!


  1. Would the Suns be better at basketball if they weren't so good a putting videos on YouTube? I know they wouldn't be as entertaining.

  2. Loooouuuuu!!!! I can't explain why I like him. Goofy white guy with a bad ponytail. I did enjoy the game, except for that one part. You know, where the Lakers won. Annoying fans.