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Sunday, March 21, 2010

Freezing camping beats Scotch???

Right now your bracket resembles something found behind a tree outside of the Wahoo VFW this morning. Or by the side of the road....let's say right past Zimola's. (how ya feeling Star?)
I tried to watch this "basketball" but got bored by the lack of actual made baskets and confused by this defense stuff. It seems to resemble a rugby scrum. I mean, I know these kids try hard, but honestly most are really not that good...trying hard is awesome for Dist. 44 Field Day & your job (sometimes), but let's not mistake it for actual talent.
I realize I'm in the minority. But luckily I'm right a lot so that makes up for it.
NBA truth for the day: So last week those things you saw rolling past you? Those were the wheels falling off the Celtics championship bandwagon. It appeared that The Milkshake Truth, Big *$?! Ticket, and that wussy bald guy finally got bad at basketball. Which caused much heartache in Beantown. I laughed. (then they went and won 4 games, but guess what boston? they still aren't gonna win - better hitch your wagon to that muscular Gumby & Fat Annoying Baby)
Suns news: Steve Nash is awesome.


  1. Seeing that we haven't heard from Star yet, hope her night was ok...
    Sorry, Lil, I know you are funny and right. Alot. But I don't get your NBA nickname references. Dirtman tried to help me out, but was unfamiliar with them, too.

  2. NBA splainer:
    Paul Pierce-The Truth, or I like to call him Milkshake.
    KG-the big ticket
    Ray Allen-wussy
    Rhondo-Gumby (look at the guy)
    Glen Davis-Big Baby (can't remember his real name)
    Steve Nash-awesome

  3. As the runner-up champions of the Gold Division....I have every right to party it up. And I made it home with out stopping to purge the demons from me.