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Friday, June 18, 2010

Everybody does the CWS Top 10 list....

…how about 5 or 6 things to avoid when visiting Omaha, and maybe what to do instead…

#1 Zesto’s – Yes, it is decent ice cream and they ALWAYS mention it on TV, but the wait is ridiculous and it is just plain ol’ soft serve. Instead, try Ted & Wally’s down in the Old Market. Homemade, with some crazy flavors. (Pabst Blue Ribbon Ice Cream!!) The wait can also be long, but at least it is inside, with AC.

#2. Pauli’s – Completely overrated. Pay $5 cover to stand in a parking lot and use Porta-Johns. I don’t even think the ESPN crew goes there anymore. The Crescent Moon on 36th and Farnam has many microbrews on tap and can lay claim as one of Warren Buffett’s favorite bars. He had both A-Rod and LeBron there for lunch. (Not at the same time, however.)

#3. Old Market restaurants – Most of the locals know to stay away during this weekend, but there is still a huge wait for most of the places down there. However, if you must, make sure you try the local, non-chain places. Upstream, Stokes, M’s Pub. Omaha Prime if you want to spend some $$$. But reasonable compared to Scottsdale!

#4. Henry Doorly Zoo – Don’t be ridiculous. It is a great zoo, most of the time. But everybody and their brother will try to go this week. No parking and wall-to-wall strollers. Couldn’t pay me enough.

#5. Tailgating at Rosenblatt – They have made it much harder this year, what with the border security fence and all. Just drink at one of the many beer gardens, there is even one with AC!

#6 Beach balls at the game. AARRRGGG!!!!! **fists shaken at General Admissions sections** C'mon people. These college games are slow enough as it is. No stoppage of play, please!!! If you are going to do that, make sure it is between innings, and put them away before the first pitch. (Damn kids, get off my lawn!!!) If you are well-behaved, maybe the free Twizzler dude in left field GA will share with you. And leave those vuvuzelas at home. That is a trend we DO NOT need to bring to the US.

File this under “several birds, one stone”… Rent a bike from Greenstreet Cycles, which is right across the street from the new stadium, ride it past the Qwest Center and over the Bob Kerrey bridge, (not much to see in Iowa – return quickly) and then have a good lunch at Goodnight Pizza when you return it. (get a workout, see new stadium, tour downtown, see bridge, eat… check, check, check and check)


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  1. Shot, there goes my weekend. I was going to breakfast at Zestos, then zoo, lunch in the Old Market, tailgating and giving out free beachballs to random fans and finishing the night at Pauli's.